Thematic Areas

Nestle Hellas Single Member S.A. gathered challenges it is facing, in order to find innovative solutions that can potentially respond to the needs of the company and those of the consumers. At this point, it would be useful to mention Nestle’s product categories, in order to have a well-developed opinion. These are:

Below, you may find the 3 thematic areas of Ignite Ideas challenges. 

Innovative Services and Approaching Models regarding Consumers and Customers

Ideas for innovative services or processes aiming in:

Innovative Solutions for Data Driven Retail Decisions, utilizing mainly Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence practices

Innovative solutions and tools that upgrade the retail decision making by using and processing data, utilizing mostly Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence practices. The solutions could be about:

Innovative Applications in Consumers’ and Customers’ Environmental Awareness

Innovative solutions aiming to educate consumers by reinforcing their awareness in topics such as

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