Success Stories

Ignite Ideas III

Proof of Concept Projects

2 teams developed a pilot implementation during Ignite Ideas (Round III)

Combining data science with sustainable development into a platform, Dataphoria offers flexible, simplified solutions for systematically monitoring, improving and communicating ESG performance.
Read More is the first online platform connecting pet owners to pet care industry professionals. It is an online marketplace that provides reliable information for pet related services. With you will immediately see how many veterinarians are in your area, what reviews they have, the cost of services and when is the next available appointment. You will be able to make an online appointment and after your visit you will have the option to leave a review.
Read More

MVP Projects

During the third cycle of Ignite Ideas, entrepreneurial teams with diverse skill sets worked together to develop innovative proposals and design their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). We are pleased to introduce the three business teams that have emerged from this year’s program.

BulkGreen aims to revolutionize the way bulk products are sold in supermarkets. The innovative proposal involves creating an airtight, automatic electric dispenser with a capacity of 5-10 kilograms. This dispenser will streamline the process of selling bulk products while simultaneously collecting and managing valuable sales and customer data.

GreenD focuses on leveraging 3D printing technology to promote environmental awareness. The unique proposition offers companies a 3D printing experience that highlights the importance of plastic recycling.

KitchenInn addresses the problem of consumer uncertainty and ignorance regarding the quality and quantity of products in their pantry. The proposal involves an application that enables consumers to alleviate this issue, by monitoring and managing their pantry effectively.

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