Why did you take part in the Ignite Ideas III Program?

We decided to participate in the Ignite Ideas III program to scale our sustainability analytics startup. We knew that working with listed companies presented different technological challenges, but the impact of our work could be much more substantial. We had successfully run projects with SMEs, and when scaling to a larger business we needed people on board who could provide us with the necessary knowledge and direction, and understand the value added by our approach. When we learned about the program through our partners at ACEIn, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to take up the challenge and push our startup to the next level.

In which areas of your startup’s development do you think the Program helped you

The Nestle Ignite Ideas III program has been instrumental in our startup’s development, particularly in three areas. The program helped us gain valuable insights into our clients’ perspectives, allowing us to better understand the value we bring and how we differentiate from the market. This has enabled us to refine our product offering and improve our go-to-market strategy.

We were provided with valuable technical guidance on key data acquisition challenges and how to overcome them in a structured commercial environment. This has helped us to streamline our data collection processes, ensuring that we have access to accurate and reliable ESG data that we can use to drive insights and inform decision-making.

Most importantly, the Ignite Ideas III has given us the confidence to pursue the solution we had envisioned. Through the mentorship and support of the Nestle team, we refined our approach and developed a proof-of-concept project that we are excited to bring to market.

Tell us a few words about your future plans, regarding the PoC design during Phase C.

During phase C, we plan to make the PoC a central part of our business development and marketing efforts. We intend to leverage the results from the PoC to showcase our capabilities and drive interest in our product offering.

Furthermore, we intend to continue to work closely with Nestle to increase the scope of the project beyond the PoC. This would allow us to explore new use cases and develop a more robust product offering that meets the evolving needs of our clients.

We are also on the lookout for impact-driven investment. We plan to use the results from the PoC, combined with our track record, to open our pre-seed funding round. This will help us to secure the resources we need to take our business to the next level and accelerate our growth trajectory. We are excited about the potential of our PoC project and look forward to leveraging it to redefine sustainability transition with data.