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Ignite Ideas II

Proof of Concept Projects

4 teams developed a pilot implementation during Ignite Ideas (Round II)

Re-usage of the coffee silverskin (CSS) and conversion into edible/ biodegradable films or other products, such as cups, straws etc.

Connecting recycling performance with discounts for online deals through a rewarding mechanism based on a waste tracking technology.

We are building CYMBIOTICA, an industrial symbiosis platform for the financial management and ecological footprint optimization of recyclable plastic resin (PCR/PIR) trading that is destined for food packaging.

Non-intrusive technology for monitoring energy consumption with specialized high frequency sampling sensors (64kHz).

Being part of a startup in 2000, I loved the idea of creating a corporate innovation program to support the Greek entrepreneurs’ ecosystem: Ignite Ideas was born in 2018! I wish we had access to such high-quality coaching, mentoring and training provided by extremely competent and full of energy Nestle people back then! We are delighted to be able to support Greek startups complete their proof of concept through collaborative initiatives: 6 projects came out of round I and we are looking forward to round II, on such an inspiring topic as environmental sustainability! Stay tuned!

Nikos Boucaouris

Nestle Hellas Continuous Improvement / Coffees Value Stream / Ignite Ideas Program Manager

Ignite is a really important program for our company. It is a nice opportunity for Nestle  to come closer to young talents, to learn from them and coach them in a constructive way. Our objective is to impart some entrepreneurial thinking to executives while at the same time getting to know promising start-up companies. Nestle sees Ignite as an opportunity to discover new ideas early and perhaps partner with, invest in, or learn from today’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Seeing how they think and what moves the needle for them has been fascinating

Nikos Prapas

National Sales Director

Innovation, entrepreneurship and people with different ways of thinking, backgrounds & ages collaborated on the Ignite Ideas program to contribute with their idea or experience to a common goal. To turn business ideas into a final innovative product or process. It takes courage, time, passion, flexibility, perseverance and faith in an idea to evolve. And this route is a great experience

Alexia Laskaratou

Impulse Confectionery Manager, Nestlé

Ignite was one of the most fruitful and interesting experience in my professional career. It’s fascinating to discover new talents and ideas from a total new perspective. The agility and the innovation of the teams reminded us that there is not boundaries in imagination

Eftychia Baka

Nestle Hellas E-Commerce manager

It is not very often that you get the opportunity to participate in such an open exchange of ideas and perspectives. Discussions on not whether it is possible, but instead how it can best be done!  For anyone presented with this unique opportunity, I say grab it and make the best of it!

Despo Papadaki

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Group Brand Manager

We are very lucky to have participated in the Ignite Ideas program. Through the program we had the opportunity to work with experts. Their energy and support expanded our way of thinking concerning our business idea and market validation. The constructive feedback we received during the program and the pilot implementation helped us further develop our idea.

Vasilis Stavrou

Co-Founder at Shopmind

Our participation in Nestlé’s Ignite Ideas has helped us discover alternative markets, get real feedback, be exposed to new data, and gain a key partner.

Stefanos Tsiakmakis

CEO & Co-Founder at BIO2CHP

Nestlé Hellas, through the program of Ignite Ideas, proved to be a determining factor in the development of CoffeCo. In addition to financial support, the most important help has been the advice provided by the project leader and very experienced executives of the company. At the same time, it has offered us an excellent network of external partners, thus integrating us into a professional environment in which we had to adapt. A competition that is gradually evolving in deep collaboration with a large company is the best thing that can happen to a start-up company that has just started taking its first steps.

Marios Vlachogiannis

Chemical Engineer & Co-founder at CoffeCo

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