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Terms of Use https://igniteideas.gr/ Website

The following terms govern the use of the Website https://igniteideas.gr/:
1. The Site is owned by the Athens University of Economics and Business (Athens Center for Etrepreneurship and Innovation – ACEin) which is based in Athens, Kefallinias 46 (“The Οwner”). The Site was created to offer information and services to visitors relevant to the “Ignite Ideas” program. Its use is governed by Terms and conditions which visitors are encouraged to diligently read-through and adhere to. By using the Site and/or any services and information that it provides, the visitor unreservedly agrees to the present terms.
2. Webpages contained within the Site are addressed exclusively to adults. If any minor visits the Site and/or makes use of any provided services which could be considered harmful or inappropriate, the Owner and the Site’s administrators bear no responsibility.
3. The Terms may change without prior notice. Please, refer to this page regularly in order to stay informed of current, new, and added information.
4. The Site is used “as is”, without allowing uncertified users to make edits or otherwise interfere with the Site’s content or functionality in any way.
5. The Site can possibly redirect visitors through links, hyperlinks, or advertising banners to other websites, whose owners have full civil and criminal responsibility for their website’s, content and services’ safety, lawfulness, and validity, exempting the Owner from any and all responsibility. Such responsibilities include but are not limited to intellectual property rights (IPR)or any other third party rights. Consequently, visitors are obliged to adhere to the terms of use of said websites and contact their owners for any issues regarding these websites’ content, use and functionality.
6. With the exception of specific third-part rights (e.g. intellectual property rights) the entire content hosted now or in the future in this Site ( including but not limited to any marks, graphics, pictures, trademarks, distinctive marks, photographs and texts as well as any kind of files) is the exclusive intellectual property of the Owner or/and the Owner’s partners and is protected under the provisions of the applicable law. The aforementioned content, as a whole or parts of it, shall not be subject to unauthorized reproduction, copying, downloading, alteration, disclosure, distribution, transmitting or any kind of dissemination or trade.
7. By using the Site’s services, the visitors declare and guarantee that they are the creators and owners of the content that they provide to the Site (i.e. business idea, photos, video). Please note that the Owner may freely decide whether or not to use such material and that the Owner may have already produced similar material or obtained such material from other sources, in which case all the intellectual property rights in this material remain with the owner and his licensees.
8. Visitors accept, agree, and declare that they will use the Site lawfully. As such, visitors agree that they shall not use the Site for any illegal purpose, including but not limited to:
a. Harming a minor.
b. Accessing or transmitting content that:
i. violates any IPR or third-party rights,
ii. interferes, insults or otherwise harms others’ personality and/or dignity ( e.g defamatory, hateful or racist content)
iii. does not adhere to the law, is contrary to fair practice and/or the accepted principles of public order and morality
iv. in any way violates the privacy and/or personal and societal rights of third parties.
c. Mislead anyone as to the origin of the Site’s content, to defame, in any way, the Owner or others, to endanger the network’s security, and/or integrity and/or functionality, to obstruct any visitor from accessing the Site and/or its services.
d. To install, distribute or otherwise disseminate any kind of automated or not, pop-up, temporal or persistent, targeted or random unauthorized advertisement or any kind of unauthorized marketing material or unsolicited or undesired electronic messages (spam), pyramid systems or any other kind of unauthorized and undesired content or marketing/promotional material, without the prior explicit, written authorization of the Owner
e. Install, promote, and/or give access to content that contains viruses, malware, or any other files, code, or software designed to intercept, destroy.
f. In any way harm the Site’s integrity and functionality.
In the case of use that is unlawful or not in accordance to the Terms, visitors are obliged to compensate the Owner for any direct or indirect, material, incidental and/or consequential damage caused. The non-exercise by the beneficiaries of all or any of the rights laid down in these Terms does not imply their resignation from their rights now or in the future.
Please, keep in mind that the Owner retains the right to remove from the Site, any content, at any point in time, at its discretion if it is thought to violate the Terms.
9. The Owner makes every reasonable effort to maintain and ensure the accuracy and completeness of the material contained on the Site and to avoid accessibility problems, but the Owner is not responsible and will not held liable for inaccurate information, access problems, shutdowns or other events that may occur, causing you direct, indirect, material, incidental or consequential damage. Accessing and browsing the site and/or using the content of this Site is at your own risk.
10. Our website https://igniteideas.gr/ is based on Word Press and follows regarding cookies the requirements of Word Press regarding the essential and functional cookies, without which it would not be possible for the website to be functional.
Specifically, the first-party, session cookies used by Site are stored temporarily in computer’s memory, unaware of any document or file from your computer and are used only to facilitate your access to the Site, to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of the Site. They collect exclusive data related to your interaction with the Site and are deleted as soon as you turn off the browser.
The cookies related to language choices are functional and allow the website to remember your language of choice during browsing the website. Unless you manually delete them, they will be deleted after a year.
If you use the contact form a hph id cookie will be created to enhance the usage of the service. This cookie collects the data you have submitted in the contact form. (name, contact details and title of the message). Please note that these data is stored in your browser.
The site does not use cookies for any other statistical, advertising or marketing reason, and it does not collect any other kind of data through them. You may at any point delete your cookies. In your next visit in our website new ones will be created, to the extend necessary for the functionality of the website.
11. Personal Data Protection: Our Privacy Notice (https://igniteideas.gr/el/privacy-policy/) is applicable to any personal data or information that is shared on this Site, including the cookies. It is also applicable to the Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Program. These Terms of Use and any amendments thereto are governed by Greek law. Any dispute that may arise from these terms is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

12. Contact us: The owner of the Web site is the Athens University of Economics and Business (Center for Support of Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Kefallinias 46, Athens. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Site, please do not hesitate to contact us (i) by email at [email protected] (ii) by phone at 210 8203827 or (iii) by post to 46, Kefallinias, Athens.

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