Terms and Conditions of Participation

1. The Nestlé Hellas SA , based in Maroussi, Attica (4 Patroklou Str.), (hereinafter Nestlé) in collaboration with the Athens University of Economics and Business (Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), based in Athens, Attica (46 Kefallinias Str.), hereafter referred to as “Organizers”, take the initiative to organize a joint action to support the development of innovative ideas in the following areas:
• Circular economy in packaging: materials and design, handling and disposal of packaging from consumers, recycling and / or reuse for the smallest possible environmental impact
• reduction of food waste
• Energy conservation and reduction of pollution
• Educating and sensibilization of the society in Greece towards environmental issues
• Sustainable supply chain and transportation
• Other broader topics regarding the environment hereafter referred to as “Program”.

The purpose of this report is to define the Terms and Conditions for the Participants to the Program (hereafter referred to as “Participants”). The terms are also available on the website of the Program: https://igniteideas.gr/ (hereafter referred to as “Program Website”).

2.Eligibility of Participation
Anyone who is over 18 years old is eligible to participate in the Program as a team member. The employees of the Organizers, their first-degree relatives and their spouses, are excluded from participation.

3.Participation Requirements
The Participants are required to read carefully the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before submitting their proposal. By submitting their proposal, they are assumed to unconditionally accept the Terms and Conditions and be bound by them. It is also assumed that they agree to and accept the Privacy Policy and what it defines regarding the collection and processing of their personal data within the Program. The interested parties can participate in the Program exclusively in teams of 2 to 6 members. All members of the team should be eligible to participate, qualify for the Program and, upon submission of the proposal, indicate a member of the team to be their representative and the contact person with the Organizers.

The participation in the Program is only eligible by submitting a business proposal along with the required supporting material to the Program Website https://igniteideas.gr/ (see below in Phase A). Only proposals submitted in Greek or English will be accepted; proposals submitted in other languages will not be considered, with the exception of using international terms if required. The business proposal must be original and it should be in its entirety the exclusive intellectual property of the team submitting it. (see below 6. Intellectual Property Rights – Guarantees).

The Participants in the Program have the full and exclusive responsibility of protecting their submitted proposals and the rights deriving therefrom. Each Participant is only entitled to a single membership as a member of a single team. Each submitted proposal should contain the original written and signed consent by each team member regarding the participation in the Program, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the processing of personal data. In any case, by submitting the application form, the team representative declares and warrants that the above is adhered to.

In order to be eligible, all members are required to accept the Terms and Conditions of the Program. In addition, all the information provided to the Organizers must be true, accurate, and correct, both in terms of their business proposal and their personal data. In case of a false declaration or participation by persons who do not meet the Terms and Conditions, even if this concerns only a single member of the team, the participation of the entire team will be void at any phase of the Program.

The Organizers have no responsibility to cross-check the data, and in case of a false statement, they can claim compensation for any damage they may suffer. Any report or other material – part of the submitted proposal will not be refunded in any case. Any cost of preparing the proposal (e.g. cost of a logo, pilot testing) is borne solely by the Participants.

4.Phases of the Program – Evaluation of Proposals
The total duration of the Program is from June 2020 to April 2021. The Program consists of three (3) Phases. The evaluation of proposals / ideas will take place at the end of each Phase of the Program.

Phase A Share your Idea: Submission of Proposals: In the period June 2020, teams submit their business idea in the Program Website. In order to be eligible, the submitted proposal should be completed based on the template available on the Program Website with the following sections:
-Select the topic you want to submit your proposal
-Representative Contact Details:
Phone number
-Business idea
-Name of Business idea
-Description of the idea in one sentence (Tag line)
-Website of Business idea (if applicable)
-Elevator pitch
-Describe the service / product you offer
-Maturity Level
-Market Research
– Competition and competitive advantage
-Have you participated in similar competitions and / or programs in the past? If so, to whom?
-Tell us your motivation to participate in the Program as well as what you expect from it.
-Please attach any additional information you wish about your business proposal.
– Team, Members, Roles / Profiles, Name/Surname, Email and Phone numbers of the team members.
-Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Consent to Personal Data Processing

In this Phase, the evaluation criteria are indicatively the following: the ability to address a specific market need, the product/ service maturity and the technical feasibility and team skills, organisation and commitment. The Scientific Committee evaluates the proposed ideas and decides which teams qualify for the next phase. The announcement of the results of Phase A, will take place on the end of July 2020.

Phase B – Pivot your idea: Phase B lasts from September 2020 to December 2020. Based on their business idea, Participants will be asked to submit a report / deliverable detailing their business model and to develop a first version of their proposal. Furthermore, the Participants will be invited to participate in “pivoting workshop” where Nestlé business people will provide specific and custom feedback to Participants in order to change/ adapt their business model.

For the further support of the Participants, a series of educational seminars has been designed by the organizational team of the Program.
At the end of this Phase, teams will be asked to present their business idea to the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee assesses how complete and feasible their idea is and selects the teams that will be eligible for the next phase of the Program (Phase C). In this Phase, the evaluation criteria are, indicatively, the following: the proposal completeness, the relative innovation, the product/ service maturity and the technical feasibility, the business model sustainability and scalability, the target -market and the team. The announcement of the results will take place on January 2021.

Phase C – Validate your idea : Phase C lasts from January 2021 to April 2021 the Participants are asked to confirm in 3-4 months the Proof of Concept that they presented and to test it in a real environment.

In this Phase, the teams will be asked to prepare a complete pitching presentation of the business proposal (Final Pitching) that they will present to the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee selects the winning teams based on specific criteria.
The evaluation criteria are, indicatively, the following: the innovation and sustainability of the business proposal, the maturity of the business proposal, the technical feasibility, the target-market and the quality of the team. Based on this evaluation, up to three (3) teams will be selected.
Organizers retain at any time the right and the discretion not to show winning teams or to show fewer winning teams if the Participants do not meet the evaluation criteria or there is no progress from one Phase to the next. Participants’ evaluation is freely available at the discretion of the Organizers. The winners of the Program will be announced at a special award ceremony.

The exact dates for each Phase will be announced in the Program Website. The Organizers reserve the right to change these dates in order to better serve the needs of the Program.

5.News, Updates and Announcements
Throughout the Program, information, news and updates will be provided through the Website of the Program.

News and updates referring exclusively to each team will be communicated to the representative of the team individually via email. During all phases of the Program the Organizers will inform all Participants by e-mail whether their team was qualified to the next phase or not.

The Organizers will not announce the identity or any similar data of the evaluating committee and shall keep any comments/remarks regarding the evaluation and/or ranking of the submitted proposals confidential.

The announcement of the winners will take place at a special award ceremony that will signify the end of the Program. (see earlier 4. Program Phases). Once the results have been announced at the ceremony, the results of the Program, the names of the winners and a description of their business idea will be disclosed and communicated on the Program Website and any other website that belongs to the Organizers and / or any other means, including social media.

6.Intellectual Property Rights – Guarantees
The Participants declare and warrant that the submitted proposal to the Program is original and in accordance with the Program’s Terms and Conditions. The Participants bear sole and full responsibility towards the Organizers and any third party for their proposal and the accuracy of the information they submit.

The Participants declare and guarantee that they are the exclusive owners of the intellectual property rights of their business idea, that the entire material they submit and produce during all the phases of the Program are original, and do not infringe third party rights, including intellectual property and personality and moral rights, and public order, and do not contain third party information (eg, texts, images, people, trademarks, trade secrets, trademarks).

In the event of a claim by a third party against the Organizers for any kind of infringement or dispute related to the submitted or produced material, the Participants shall be solely responsible for any litigation relating thereto and shall exempt the Organizers from any liability for damages including costs and expenses of any nature.

All Participants agree to the publication and presentation to the public by the Organizers of the business ideas submitted and the materials / projects produced in the context and for the purposes of the Program
The Organizers are entitled, at their discretion, to cancel entries that are in any way contrary to the Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, content that is illegal, pornographic, violent, misleading, threatening, abusive, defamatory, racist or vulgar or otherwise inconsistent with the current legislation, including intellectual and industrial property law, morality, personality rights and public order.

7. Participants’ Personal Data
For the Program to be conducted it is necessary for the Organizers to collect and process a series of data, including personal data, concerning the Participants.

The data to be collected and processed are the following: name, contact details and the short CV that each Participant will provide by completing the submission form for their business proposal (see above Program Phases)

In addition, uploading the files and submitting the entry form should be linked to a Google email account (Gmail). By uploading the files and submitting the entry form, the name and photo associated with the Google email account are automatically recorded. The data is collected and processed by Google as defined by the specific functionality of this service and Google’s privacy policy. More information can be found at https://policies.google.com/privacy?gl=EN&hl=en-GB

It is noted that none of the two Co-organizers collects, stores or access this particular data, i.e. it does not know the email address or access the photo associated with it. This information is collected and processed by Google to achieve the submission of the form on the Program’s Website.

The data related to the Program will be collected by the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which oversees the Website through which the data is collected. Nestlé Hellas SA will gain access to the personal data of the Participants after their collection by the Athens University of Economics and Business, through a secure file containing the details of the Participants. Nestlé Hellas SA does not manage or access the website.

The collection and processing of the Participants’ personal data is strictly limited to the context defined by the requirements of the Program, the need to communicate with the Participants, and the nomination of the winners. The data is collected and processed for the conduct of the Program, the communication with the Participants and the Teams, and the winners.

Only the type and amount of data that is strictly necessary, adequate and appropriate for the implementation of the Program is collected and the processing is governed by the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) and the applicable legislation, with respect to the protection of the Participants’ privacy.

The Organizers will retain the Participant’s personal data in a form that permits identification for as long as they maintain a continuous relationship with the Participants (e.g. during all the phases of the Program) and the data are necessary for the implementation of the Program, as well as during the limitation period (e.g. the length of time an individual could claim against them) and an additional period of 2 months after the expiration of the limitation period. In addition, in case of claims, they may continue to process the data relating to the Participants for as long as necessary, based on the course of claims that have been raised.

Throughout the collection, processing and storage of personal data, all necessary and appropriate measures and safeguards are in place. Submitting your application to the Program through the Website will be made using Google’s special forms, which are a Cloud service that is also used to store the data you submit with the form. Google agrees that the Cloud services it provides are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. More information about the steps Google takes to protect your data and its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation can be found at the following Links:

If the Participants choose not to provide the requested personal data, this will affect their ability to participate in the Program.

With respect to the Participant’s personal data and the rights provided by applicable law, Participants may contact Nestlé Hellas SA at 210 6844824 or at [email protected] and the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at 210 8203827 or at [email protected] Particularly, they can (i) request access to them (i.e. to know what kind of data we have for them and obtain a copy thereof), (ii) request their correction (iii) request the deletion of their data, (iv) be informed about the processing of Personal Data and request its termination (v) withdraw their consent, in case of which, their participation in the Program will be affected.

Detailed information on the collection and processing of the Participant’s personal data can be found in the Program’s Website’s Privacy Policy.

If there is any question about possible privacy or misuse of their personal data, the Participants may file a complaint with Nestlé Hellas SA at [email protected] , and the Athens University of Economics and Business at [email protected] We hope we can resolve any questions about how we process your personal data. However, if there are unresolved issues, you can appeal to the Data Protection Authority. For the competence of Data Protection Authority and how to file a complaint, you can visit its website (www.dpa.gr – Citizen Rights – Complaint to the Hellenic DPA), where detailed information is available.
In the context of the Program, it may be requested by the Participants to be recorded and / or be photographed and / or videotaped and / or embedded in a carrier material themselves (their image and / or voice) and their business ideas in any way by the Organizers during all phases of the Program, in order for the Organizers to use, process, transmit, post, publish, disclose and relay the relevant material (photographs, audiovisual material etc.), use and make public their full name through the Program website or through any other website that belongs to the Organizers and / or by any other means and / or through any other means, including social media, without payment of any consideration for such use, in this case, the Organizers will request Participants prior explicit consent in order to carry out the above processing activities, specifying the purpose of the processing.

8. Committees
For the smooth running of the Program, the following committees will operate:

Organizing Committee: It consists of senior executives of the Organizers. The Committee’s responsibilities are the design and implementation of the Program, as well as the organization of relevant events and workshops. It is also responsible for any matter related to the Program and not foreseen in these Terms and Conditions.

Scientific Committee: It consists of executives of the Organizers. The Committee’s responsibilities are to provide advice and evaluation of the business ideas during the three phases of the Program.

9. Awards
The Participants are not entitled to any remuneration and / or other consideration for their participation in the Program under the terms hereof. After the completion of the 3rd Phase, the winning teams will be given, in particular:
• Support in the form of coaching services and hosting infrastructure from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support (ACEin) of the Athens University of Economics and Business for the further development of innovative business models
• Consulting support from Nestlé for the implementation of the product / service and its use in a real environment with the participation of specialized executives with the aim of developing the pilot
• Symbolic monetary prize

10. Announcements / Cancellation of the Program / Modification of Terms / Responsibility
Any announcement regarding the Program, as well as any other matter related to the Program, is posted exclusively on the Program Website and is valid from the date of its posting on this Website. In case of a conflict, the announcement on the Program Website takes precedence over any other information provided by the Organizers to the Participants.

The Organizers reserve the right, unilaterally, without notice and at their discretion, to modify, revoke, extend or reduce the duration of the Program, as well as to change these terms and / or to cancel the Program by announcing it on the Program Website . In such case the Organizers have no responsibility to the Participants and / or any third party. In case that the Program is canceled, the Participants do not acquire any right against the Organizers, nor are they entitled to, or have the right to request, continuation or any compensation.

The Organizers shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, costs and expenses that may arise from any interruption, malfunction or delay or any other cause related to the Program or its cancellation.

11. Terms Acceptance
The participation in the Program requires and implies the unconditional acceptance of all of the Terms and Conditions, even if modified in the future, as defined above.

12. Information – Complaints
For any information or complaint about the Program, any Participant or third party may contact the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Athens University of Economics and Business at 210 8203827 and at [email protected]

13. Dispute Settlement – Applicable Law
In case of a dispute by a Participant regarding the interpretation or proper implementation of a term of the Program, the Participant will address before any judicial action to a three-member committee consisting of representatives of the Organizers, which will endeavor to reach a compromise, via a process of friendly dispute resolution. Any dispute that has not been resolved amicably in the above process and derives from or relates to these Terms will be settled exclusively by the courts of Athens (excluding any other jurisdiction, including even shared one) in accordance to Greek law.

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