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The website https://igniteideas.gr/ uses cookies to facilitate the users and for the better operation of the website. Although the cookies we use are exclusively for the smooth operation of the website and are not used for tracing or marketing purposes, we invite you to take some time to learn more about them, so that you feel completely confident and secure browsing to our website.

Cookies in general

Cookies are small pieces of code that are generated by a website and stored by the browser. Their purpose is to retain specific case-by-case information about the user, like a preference file created by a software application, allowing websites to operate smoothly and without technical anomalies.

Through cookies user options are collected, frequent users are identified, user access is facilitated and data may be collected to improve the content of the website.

From a functional point of view, cookies allow websites to retain data and information about each user’s interaction with the website, so that websites do not constantly treat the existing users as new users, keeping their preferences in order to facilitate the quick and easy use of websites.

In general, there are a) necessary cookies, which allow the basic functions of the website to be performed, without necessary cookies website’s smooth operation is directly affected and the user’s browsing experience is limited, b) functionality cookies, which remember the users’ preferences when browsing a website , c) performance cookies, which collect information about how visitors use a website without collecting information that identifies the visitor and are used primarily to improve the way websites operate, and d) analytic cookies, which are a subset of functionality cookies and provide ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of a website.
In addition, cookies are divided into session and persistent, first-party and third-party.
Session cookies are temporary cookie files that are deleted when the browser closes. When the user restarts its browser, the website does not recognize it and re-creates a new session cookie, which stores the browser information and remains active until the user leaves the website and / or closes the browser.

Persistent cookies remain in one of the sub-folders of the browser, until they are deleted manually, or the browser deletes them based on the period of time contained in the persistent cookie file.

First-party cookies come from or are sent to the website that the user is visiting at the time and are usually used to store information, such as user’s preferences when visiting this website.

Third-party cookies come from or are sent from a website other than the one the user is currently visiting, for advertising or other marketing purposes.

More information about cookies can be found at https://www.aboutcookies.org/

Cookies on our website

The webpage https://igniteideas.gr/ is based on Word Press and follows regarding cookies the requirements of Word Press for essential and functionality cookies, without which the website would not be functional.
Specifically, the first-party, session cookies used by website are temporarily stored in computer’s memory, unaware of any document or file from computer and are used only to facilitate access to the website and to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of the website. These cookies collect exclusive data related to your interaction with the website and are deleted as soon as you turn off the browser.

The cookies related to language choices are functional and allow the website to remember your language of choice during browsing the website. Unless you manually delete them, they will be deleted after a year.
If you use the contact form a hph id cookie will be created to enhance the usage of the service. This cookie collects the data you have submitted in the contact form. (name, contact details and title of the message). Please note that these data are stored in your browser.

The site does not use cookies for any other statistical, advertising or marketing reason, and it does not collect any other kind of data through them. You may at any point delete your cookies. In your next visit in our website new ones will be created, to the extend necessary for the functionality of the website.

For the data collected by the essential and functional cookies used in our website, apply the exact same security and protection measures set by our Privacy Notice.

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