The Phases

Phase A: Share your idea

Submit your business idea by filling in the application form. Share information about your business idea/ solution as well as your team competences.

In this phase, you are invited to submit your idea by filling in an application form. The program is open to teams (not individual participants) of up to 6 (six) members. You are invited to share information about your team skills/competences as well as your business idea. Specifically, the application consists of:

– Selection of the area of interest/challenge

Contact details of the representative member: Name, Surname, E-mail, Phone

– Information about the Business Idea:
Business Idea Title
        Description in one-sentence of the idea (Tag Line)
        Website (if any)
        Elevator pitch (brief description of the business idea within a paragraph)
        Brief description of the service / product
        Maturity level
        Market Research
        Competition & Competitive Advantage
        Previous participation to similar programs or/and competitions
        Motivation for participating to the program and expectations
        Any additional information
– Information about the Team: members, Roles / Profiles, Names, E-mails and Phones of the members
Terms and Conditions Agreement and Consent to Personal Data Processing

The aim of this phase is to describe your solution by indicating the pain points and the real need of your target audience.

Phase B: Pivot your idea

Present how you envision the solution working, and get feedback by experts. Learn by their reactions and responses on how to pivot and adapt your idea so that it best meets the company’s needs.

In this phase, you are asked to identify the key elements of your business model. You will take part in pivoting workshops where Nestlé executives will provide specific feedback on each idea/solution. You will be encouraged to make decisions and adjust/ change your value proposition, business model or the technology aspects of your idea. A series of educational seminars will also be provided by the organizing team of the program. At the end of this phase, you will be invited to present your business idea to the scientific committee, which will evaluate how complete and feasible your idea is and will select the teams who will qualify for the next phase.

Phase C: Validate your idea

Run your Proof Of Concept and demonstrate the feasibility of your solution and confirm the value proposition.

In this phase, you will be invited to develop a Proof of Concept (within 3-4 months). In this phase, you will be invited to prepare a complete final presentation (final pitching) of your business idea and present it to the scientific committee. The scientific committee will decide on which teams will be awarded based on predefined criteria.

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