Why did you take part in the Ignite Ideas III Program?

Our participation in Ignite Ideas III was a challenge for our team, with the aim of succeeding and connecting with experienced professionals who have deep knowledge of the market, the ACEin and Nestle people, and winning them over.

In which areas of your startup’s development do you think the Program helped you

Participating in the Ignite Ideas program helps in various areas of development, depending on the specific needs of each startup. For us, the mentorship we received and the networking opportunities, were vital support in our first steps. Moreover, Ignite Ideas gave us the opportunity to connect with market professionals, to work with Nestle, which resulted in improving our product and offered services.

Tell us a few words about your future plans, regarding the PoC design during Phase C.

In our next steps through the program, our goal is to improve the process of online appointments to make it more useful for both the professional and the user.

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Konstantinos Papagiannopoulos, Founder