September 10, 2018

Phase B: Business Model Innovation

Phase B is about understanding and designing the key components of the business model, as well as developing a first version of the product/service. The teams will be requested to elaborate their business idea going more in depth in their business model and their minimum viable product (MVP).

During this phase, a number of workshops will be organized on:

● business model canvas generation
● rapid prototyping and user-friendly mockup design and
● pitching techniques

The teams will be invited to participate in a specialized “pivoting” workshop where Nestlé business people will provide specific and custom feedback on each idea’s business model, risks and opportunities. Each team will be encouraged and supported to:

● make decisions and adjust/ change their business model and their visualization of the product / service (mock-up)
● present their business ideas in a structured way

At the end of this Phase, the teams will be asked to present their business idea (pitch deck) to the Organizing Committee. In order to evaluate the deliverables, the Organizing Committee will consider:

- the completeness and innovation of the proposal
- the maturity and feasibility of the innovative product/service
- the sustainability and scalability-the targeted market and
- the team’s progress