September 10, 2018

Phase A: Call to Action

During the “Call to Action” Phase (A), participants are invited to apply to the program by filling in the application form. The program is open to teams (not individual participants) of up to 5 (five) members. Participants will share information about their team competences as well as their business idea. Specifically, the application consists of:

One-sentence description of the idea (Tag Line)

● A short description of the business idea 

● Detailed Description

- Problems that your potential customers face (if possible, present numeric data)
- What solutions do you offer to your potential customers problems by making a meaningful reference to your product /service?
- Which is the innovation of the product/service? Differentiation from competition? Primary competitive advantage?
- Specify whether there is any relation of the product/service with a research project, whether there are any patents etc.
- A description of your revenue model and associated costs.
- A description of your action plan for the next 1-2 years
- Have you received any funding? If yes, name the amount of the funding, the body that provided such funding and plan for fund absorption (categories of expenses only).
- Have you participated to other similar programs or/and competitions? If so, indicate them.

● The Team

Introduce the team to us (Describe for each team-member relevant experience/work experience and studies, as well as her/his role in the team/company).

● Why do you want to participate in the Program?

● Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Consent to Personal Data Processing

In order to evaluate the ideas submitted during Phase A, the Organizing Committee will consider:

- the value that the idea gives to the solution of specific needs/challenges
- the feasibility of the idea and
- the organization and quality of the team members