September 10, 2018

Phace C: From Vision to Execution

During Phase C, teams will be offered valuable advisory support throughout the various stages of the development of their business idea. In this phase, the teams will be asked to prepare and submit an implementation plan regarding their minimum viable product/ prototype/ mockup, a work-breakdown structure and a live demo for the innovative service / product. They will also receive advisory support by academics, scientists as well as business people and executives and entrepreneurs who will cover:

● know-how in the specific industry of each business idea
● mentoring on management, marketing, financial analysis and team development,
● technical support for the development of the first version of the product / service (mockup / prototype)
● business and market validation of the idea, to test case-assumptions in a meaningful way

At the end of Phase C, the teams will be asked to prepare a complete pitching presentation of the business idea (prototype and business model). The Scientific Committee will select the best teams. In order to evaluate the ideas submitted, the Organizing Committee will consider:

- the proposal’s viability and innovation
- the maturity and feasibility of the innovative product/service
- the targeted market and -the team quality

The selected teams will receive:

1. Advisory support throughout the Program by Nestlé to implement the idea and exploit it in the business environment
2. Support throughout the Program and opportunity to receive incubation services by the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
3. Symbolic monetary prize